This repository aims to provide a short course about the basics of Apache Airflow and how to run it on Google Cloud Composer on Google Cloud.

The repository uses mdBook to create a mini-book tutorial. You can find the source code of this mini-book under the code folder.

Learning Goals

Through this course, you will experience working with Airflow data pipelines on Google Cloud Composer. You will become familiar with the following topics:

  • Apache Airflow and its concepts
  • Understanding of Google Cloud Composer
  • Setting up Airflow
  • Building Airflow pipelines

Access the mini-book

This mini-book has been deployed to GitHub pages, you can access it from here.

You can also run it locally:

  1. Clone this GitHub repository
  2. Install mdBook following the guide
  3. Run make serve
  4. In your browser, navigate to http://localhost:3000

mdBook website


If you'd like to get involved, either fixing a grammar mistake or adding a new chapter, feel free to send a pull request.